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Just to let those of you who are not familiar with current US laws regarding 
patents and copyrights, the patent life of a product was increased some 2 
years ago in the US to "bring us inline with the rest of the world" from 17 
years to 20 years...copyrights are similar, with the exception that most 
really never do expire.  So, to say that MS or anyone else loses 
copyright/patent protection after only 9 or 10 years is simply 
incorrect...try telling the author of a book that was published some 8 or 10 
years ago that he no longer can expect to collect royalties from the sales of 
copies of that book and listen to the uproar!  Same is true of musicians, 
artists...I enter into evidence the current state of conflict regarding 
Napster and its clones!

OK, enough of that...on a much happier note, my daughter had her baby today 
(Monday, 3/19/01)...a little girl...but don't get the idea of calling me 
Grandpa just yet!  I don't feel quite that old, hahaha.

See you later!
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