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  • From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:09:59 -0600

>Don't panic Ross... :)

I'll *try*.  ;)

>I'm still here on a Packard Bell 486 SX2 (yes, SX2) 50Mhz. (an' lovin' 

i486 SX here..66mhz I think?  Not sure.  Can't remember what I saw on the 
inside.  :-\

>I agree. Even Windows hasn't evolved into a 32-bit operating system. Some 
>you may not know this, but even Windows ME is 16-bit. Microsoft is
>definitely trying to get rid of DOS though, you need to boot from a floppy
>to use DOS in ME. But DOS is there, probably hidden somewhere in the 
>directory. BTW, I hated Windows ME. How is it any better than 98?

Hahaha.  That's funny.  I haven't used ME, but a friend in town who 
installed it likes it.  He's trying to duel-boot ME and 2K, but ME overwrote 
the boot sector so he can't get into 2K.  LoL.

>But staying on topic, Calmira is doing a great thing for Windows 3.1. We
>should keep Calmira alive for Windows 3.1, but maybe we should also create 
>Calmira32. To be a 32-bit replacement shell for all the crap MS comes out
>with. With full integration with everything else, including IE where
>necessary for compatibility. Fully programmed in Delphi. I'm sure there 
>be much more support for it than the current Calmira, simply because most
>people have left Windows 3.1 and migrated to the Windows 32-bit series. 
>want a replacement for what they have now.

That's what I've been saying for a long time!!!  :)

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