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 Subject: <CT> Wireless PCMCIA card for Win 3.x?
 I'm running Calmira on a Toshiba T2400CS laptop with WfWg 3.11. The 
 laptop has slots compatible with PCMCIA Types I, II and III, but no 
 cardbus. I have a wired network card in one slot, and it works nicely, 
 but I'd like to go wireless. However, I can't find any WiFi PCMCIA 
 cards that have drivers for Win 3.x. Are there any? Or am I forever 
 tethered to the hub?
 Martin B. Brilliant at home in Holmdel, NJ

Hi Martin!

I'm not sure on this, but...I don't remember seeing anything just
for Win3X.  The only way to know for sure would be to check at
the manufacturer's web site for your particular PCMCIA WiFi card.
I know that isn't much to go on.  You might even have to look for
DOS based drivers for WiFi to enable them in Win3X...there has
been some work on other PCMCIA peripherals for DOS, but very
C U L8R!
aka Wizard57M

Glenn Gilbreath Jr.
Registered Pharmacist
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