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  • Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:00:57 +0100 (CET)

> From: BEN09880@xxxxxxx
> Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 14:25:36 EST
> Subject: <CT> Software solution request

If my line breaks look crappy, blame it on T-Online Webmail and its
automatic rewrap. Sorry for that. (I figured it was sufficient to fetch
mail locally on 3 machines on a regular basis, that's enough.)

> Anyways, my real questions...  I have a Pentium 90 laptop
> with only 8 megs 
> ram. 

The memory will most likely be upgradable, you'll just have to search a
bit to find out what kind of modules this thing needs. (Keep in mind
that many notebook "manufacturers" only buy from the big Taiwanese
ODMs/OEMs.) Notebooks of this class can usually be upgraded to 40 megs
of RAM, perhaps more.

> I know I asked before the same question, but I have
> since lost a few 
> hard drives.

A few?

> I want mp3 playback. 

WinPlay3 should do.

> I need internet access (aol3.0 can
> do that for me), and 
> I need a web browser. 

With just 8 megs of RAM, I'd guess IE 3.0x and Opera 3.62 would work,
with 16 megs or more the whole browser palette.

> FTP would be nice,

WS_FTP LE 5.06 should work fine.

> as would an AIM
> client. 

I know that one shipped with Netscape 4.08, but apart from that...

> An Office 
> compatable suite would rock. 

Why not Office 4.2 itself? Or perhaps an older version of Star Office
(3 or 4).

> Video playback would be
> nice

A DCI enabled version of Video for Windows 1.1e and the graphics card
driver should take care of that.

> I have installed Win95 on this before, it runs... I
> guess. 

You mean, it rather walks? ;) Used to have that "much" RAM on my
DX/2-66 when I bought it (in the meantime the only remaining original
part is the power supply, sans fan...). That's about like NT 3.51 with
16 megs, which is what I'm running here at the moment. (I "lost" 16
megs on my 486 because of upgrading to a newer and faster board which
needs PS/2 fastpage SIMMs instead of the previous 30-pin SIMMs. This
baby should fly once I can get hold of some 16 meg modules that work,
given that the Promise EIDE2300+ takes care of fast hard drive access
quite nicely, the hard drives are quite speedy - with the smallest one
probably to be replaced by a 2.5 gig Seagate Medalist Pro when memory
upgrading is more or less complete -, the 5x86-133 has plenty of
processing power for such a machine - Duke Nukem 3D runs as well as on
my Pentium 75@90 from a few years ago, though floating point
performance isn't a 486's strength: it barely manages to play back 128
kBit MP3s in 44.1 kHz 16-bit stereo -, and that the S3 868 based
graphics card isn't very slow either.)

> Mp3 playback on 
> Win95 is nearly perfect (as perfect as Winamp2 is).

Actually Winamp 2.80 was a bit of a surprise to me as it still runs
quite nicely on NT 3.51 (except for MIDI playback, and plugins that
require DirectX).

> The hard drive is 2 gigs, and it has sound, and 800x600
> 16bit color max 
> resolution.  I have no idea what video driver to use, but
> I can figure that 
> out on my own (I hope!). 

There'll probably be some Cirrus Logic or C&T chip in there, or perhaps
something from Neomagic.

> Is 16bit color easy to
> accomplish under Win3?

This depends on the graphics card's driver. But generally if the card
supports it, it'll be possible to switch to a higher color depth and
resolution in some way. Maybe by means of Windows's setup, maybe
through a configuration utility.

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