<CT> Software solution request

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 14:25:36 EST

Hello everyone!  I'm using the 'new' aol 8.0 software, so I apologize for any 
html tag b.s.  Does anyone know where the option is to turn that off?  I 
can't find it...

Anyways, my real questions...  I have a Pentium 90 laptop with only 8 megs 
ram.  I know I asked before the same question, but I have since lost a few 
hard drives.

I want mp3 playback.  I need internet access (aol3.0 can do that for me), and 
I need a web browser.  FTP would be nice, as would an AIM client.  An Office 
compatable suite would rock.  Video playback would be nice (where to get the 
files though is another question), I already know how to 'tweak' this little 
beast to be the best it can be.  I just can't locate software, nor can i 
locate information on software.

I have installed Win95 on this before, it runs... I guess.  Mp3 playback on 
Win95 is nearly perfect (as perfect as Winamp2 is).  The video playback under 
Win95 can be tweaked to bearable standards, fullscreen only of course.

The hard drive is 2 gigs, and it has sound, and 800x600 16bit color max 
resolution.  I have no idea what video driver to use, but I can figure that 
out on my own (I hope!).  Is 16bit color easy to accomplish under Win3?

THanks in advance for any tips, info, links, files!

Benjamin Rossington

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