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  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 19:08:02 EST

You're welcome!  Best I can remember, older IE versions from 3 up contain the 
dialer package.  MS "licensed" the dialer and stack from Shiva.  I think that 
the versions in IE5 for Win3 and IE3 for Win3 are compatible.  I've found the 
Shiva dialer to be very reliable and easy to setup.  If you decide to have a 
go at the stand-alone version from Jake at Arachne Quick Chat, you might want 
to double check your OLE versions also, the common controls and such.  IE3 
installer updates them also.!

See you later!

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<< I just downloaded FoxMail.  It's MiniEudora!  :)  This is great, 
 as Eudora is 4mb, while this is just a few hundred k.  I'll have 
 to give this to him.  :)
 Ross >>
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