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  • Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 14:11:01 EST


For an email client, why not try FoxMail 2.1, 16 bit?  It's smaller than 
Outlook Express, faster, has handy tools for "remote access" into your POP 
server in case you get a problem message!  It's my favorite Win31 email 
client.  I have a download link on my new SurfBest site, on the Downloads 

As for your WINSOCK.DLL problems, have you considered installing the old MS 
IE 3.03 for Win3X??  It includes the Shiva Dialer and WINSOCK package.  What 
I do is use the dialer to make my connection then run Opera 3.62 for 
browsing.  Last I checked it was still at ZDNet, but, that's been quite some 
time.  One of my friends at Arachne Quick Chat has put together a package 
consisting of the dialer only, might ask there by leaving a message on the 
chat message board...

If all else fails, let me know and I'll try to find some place to put my copy 
of IE3 up for download!  It's a tad under 5 meg total, so email is out.

Good Luck!
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