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  • From: "Mario Pignata" <m.pignata@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 13:13:35 +0200

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Hi Glenn and calmirian community,

> Remember, Quinion's Spell Check for Edit Boxes is the application I have
> problems with disappearing icons when running Calmira as the shell > 

I downloaded it early this morning and I must say it looks as a nice little 
program, but yeah, what it does to calmira is something worth seeing ;-)

On this machine (486 - svga video driver - calmira 3.11b) happens 
something very similar to what Glenn described in April. I get randomly 
disappearing shortcuts icons and when opening the start menu setting 
the tree windows is missing, the whole box empty. Clicking on a shortcut 
caption makes it reappear, while the tree in start menu setting blinks for 
a second if the edit button is pressed to soon disappear again.

It seem that spell.exe loves program manager and thinks calmira as 
something alien. That's not fair!  :-) 

I followed Glenn's advice and all goes well, but it's a nuisance to not 
have calmira as the shell.  It seem that, if calmira is the shell, I can 
leave spell.exe uninstalled. When needed, I can just call program 
manager from "My computer" window, run spell.exe and click on the 
install button. No damage done, all the icons stay there and even the 
start menu settings show all their beauty! I can even use the spell 
checker and the icons stay. The only thing I must do is, before shutting 
calmira down, go back to progman, click on spell.exe and... uninstall, 
otherwise next time I run windows with calmira as the shell the 
mysterious graphic eater ghost will have his way again.

Well, that's it. I hope I did not bore you too much. It'd be nice if there 
was en efficient cure to this strange "madness". :-)



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