<CT> Re: Quinion Spell Check f/Edit Boxes

  • From: "Mario Pignata" <m.pignata@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 23:36:21 +0200

On 9 Jun 01, at 14:53, subject: "<CT> Re: Quinion Spell Check f/Edit"
Erwin Dokter wrote:

> Perhaps because spell.exe is installed as a driver. How about
> putting spell.exe in the applet tray and run it as a program when
> needed? 

No luck! Run from the applet tray it asks to be installed. Installed, 
does not work until you reboot  and then he's there, like a joker 
playing his tricks. 

Strangely enough he will behave if you run progman while in Calmira , 
then install it - no need for rebooting - and until progman runs. 
Uninstall is compulsory before switching Calmira and windows off or 
he'll be there, having his way, next time. 

The spelling action gets called by a keyboard shortcut, CTRL+ALT+F12 
being the default, once you are in an active edit window and uses the 
clipboard for copying and pasting.

I just ran it to test it on these lines I'm writing in Pegasus Mail. 
Halfway trough, I opened Calmira's task manager and guess - no trace 
of spell.exe there!  

On the contrary, if you have spell.exe in Calmira, run and installed 
from Calmira, when you open task manager, there he is. (Yeah, well 
you might not see a couple of other programs which should be there or 
you might see them on and off, but then one is not surprised 

But then again, as Glenn said, it doesn't happen on all machines so, 
maybe, finding a fix is not really worth the trouble. Still, being 
curious, the question remains: why is it happening?


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