<CT> Re: Question about the Win31 list

  • From: "Budd" <BuddNTexas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 06:32:46 -0600

> Hello to all on the Calmira_Tips and Win31 lists :)
> I have moved all of my lists to the Freelists server except Win31, but
> I find myself hesitating to do the last move for Win31...
> The reason is that there hasn't been any signifigant posting on the
> Win31 list in ages, and there aren't many members in the first place.
> So the question that I propose is this:
> How would you all feel about
> *) Closing down the Win31 list
> *) Merging the membership of Win31 into Calmira_Tips
> *) And opening the topic of Calmira_Tips to Calmira+general Win31
> topics
> Please do speak up on this, even if it is a simple "sure" or "no way".
> Please don't feel that your opinion is insignifigant, I really do want
> to hear it.
> One request: If you are a member of both lists, please post your reply
> to both lists. If you are just a member of Win31, go ahead and
> crosspost anyway and ignore the automated message; I'll approve the
> posts to Calmira_Tips if I see that it's related to this issue.

I vote yes to merging CT and Win31 :O)

Budd <>< BuddNTexas@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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