<CT> Re: No 32bit file access?

  • From: "Barry J. Higginbottom" <barryh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:25:53

At 11:03 28/11/2000, you wrote:
>I don't seem to be able to get 32bit file access to work.
>Changing the settings in Control Panel reports that Windows can't find
>IFSHLP.SYS, yet it is loaded in config.sys.
>I am running WFWG3.11 and I have a WD Caviar drive installed.
>I suspect something is wrong in system.ini.
>Does anyone know what the deafult entries in system.ini are for 32bit file
>access and what system files are required?


I've managed to get 32bfa to work.

The problem seems to revolve around memory management

I use Hurricane very successfully and it appears I need to use their
'Virtual Cache' which provides a dynamic memeory pool both for 32bfa and
their own sector cache which is used for CDRoms etc.

Why 32bfa won't work without it I don't know. Perhaps if their is any Guru
out there who knows the answer they might like to elucidate!

BTW does anyone know the purpose of vfd.386 and vcd.386 in the [386enh]
section of system.ini?



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