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>It doesn't have sound, does anyone still have that old speaker driver kicking 

It's available from the drivers section of Lightspeed's site:


>I know there was once a tutorial floating around that taught you how to have 
>Win95 and Win3.11 on the same FAT32 drive.  I need it... got it?  please 

I would think all you need to do is download and install 3XSTART.EXE to allow 
Win3.1 to run on FAT32, then just make sure they install to different folders. 
(such as Win95 in c:\windows and 3.1 in c:\win31, etc)

3XSTART.EXE is available from the Powerload Win9x resources page:



>Also, I have IE5.0 loaded under Win3.11.  Any ideas on a decent alternative?  
>I know I asked a while back... but I was hoping there might be a new 
>alternative...  or better.  IE takes too long to load.  Pictures are *NOT* 
>Hotmail, google, RESEARCH oriented browsing only!

Not sure if these would be much faster, but you could try Opera 3.62 or 
Netscape. You can get both from my website:


Look for "Internet Tools for Windows 3.1" in the Win 3.1x section.

I have direct downloads for Opera 3.62 and Netscape 4.08. If you want to try an 
older version of Netscape, I also have a link to their FTP site.

You might also want to try out Internet Explorer 3.03, available from that same 
section. It's supposed to be considerably faster than IE5, and may suit your 

-PC Freak

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