<CT> Problems: school, internet, Calmira Online, IFA

  • From: Balázs Botond <balazsbb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 21:13:04 +0200

Hey folks!


 o In a Hungarian list a guy wrote this (Brief extract
translated by me, so don't expect much grammatical


 o I am a "computer studies" teacher in a school. We've got
10 386 with 4 MB ram, 40 MB hard drive + Win3.1x and two
machines running Windows 98. I want to meke a network from
these which can:

  o do system backup and restore functions to rewrite
quickly that 40 M.
  o reach other programs from the LAN, because of the 40M.
It's hard to put a w31 + Word6 + Excel5 combo on it.
  o And, internet usage, but I can only hope it's possible.

 o What have I done:

  o Every machine runs Windows from another, bigger
  o It's good, 'cause it's faster from LAN than from hard
disk ;). And it's of course read-only.
  o But the problem's that it eats rather a lot of mem, so a
few games don't run (and the children want to play). And
other programs use to cry for memory.

 o I've been thinking about making a Linux boot floppy, and
copy an image with dd to /dev/hda1, but I haven't succeeded.


Now you can see he is really in trouble. If you know the
answer, please write to balazsbb@xxxxxxxxxxx, or to the list
- it isn't a secret - and then I'll send it to him.


 o I know I'm stupid etc, but can anybody tell me how to
make an internet connection under 3.1 with IE 5? Because
I've got an account at a server, and I use it under 95. But
I want to surf under 3.1!


 o Please check out the "Cool Links" at Calmira Online,
because some of them dispalys 404 messages.

**Instant File Access**

 o Finally, dear Cristina-Mauricio Zapata Ossa, where can I
download that Instant File Access, because I'm really
interested in it!

Botond B. Balazs - balazsbb@xxxxxxxxxxx
files to: balazs.botond@xxxxxxxxxxxx
"Real programmers don't comment their code. It was hard to
write, it should be hard to understand."

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