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  • From: William P Grant <w.p.grant@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 13:51:13 EST

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Since Juno 1.49 may not be available I was looking into using Microsoft
Internet Mail (v3.03) as my e-mail. This is what my isp uses for their
e-mail.  The area which lists all the mail in a particular folder does
not display the date received.  It just displays No, or invalid, date. 
In each folder (inbox, outbox, etc.) is a file called MSG_LIST. which
contains the information for From, Subject, Date received. I'm including
one line from that file as an example of the info it contains.  Also
included is a copy of the e-mail I sent to my isp support along with
their response.  I was not satisfied with their reply.  Is this really
so?  I tried MSIE v4 for W3.1 but it ran so slow.  If anyone can help,

Bill Grant
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Bill, the problem that you have is not with your computer itself but with
the windows 3.1. Win31 is not y2k compliant at all and this is one of the
problems that have cropped up along with it. The strange thing is, is
not every computer that is running 3.1 is having the same problem....just
some of them. On the side of using the Brightnet Mailman, your always
than welcome to use it no matter where your located or for what reason.


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From: William Grant <w.p.grant@xxxxxxxx>
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Date: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 09:37
Subject: date display

>I use Windows for Work Groups 3.11.  My computer is Y2K compliant.My
>is IE v3.03 (an upgrade to v3.01 supplied to me.).  I use Juno v1.49 as
>main e-mail.  Juno has recently quit providing support for this version
>there is a possibility that they will phase out that version entirely.
>I've used the e-mail on occasion CenOkTel has provided.  I've included
>attachment of my screen showing my problem.  The date received in the
>message display does not show the date.  I've tried using the web based
>interface but I figure it's for checking mail away from your pc and not
>regular e-mail use. Also it only has the inbox with no provisions for
other folders.   Do you know of any patch or fix that would take care
>Bill Grant

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