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  • Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 01:23:11 +0100

There's basically two things Calmirans would like to enhance their startup
and shutdown, and make their system more like Win9x (only better):

1. A bitmap logo early at bootup
2. The ability for the computer to turn itself off after shutting down

Both have been asked about before. The bitmap logo is possible, but with
difficulties, and it's hard to get it to hide the config.sys output. The
ability to power off was investigated but little documentation found.

Well, I happened to stumble across a couple of utilities that should do this
very well. They're designed for people who've built their own "arcade
cabinets" containing a PC with a copy of MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine
Emulator, running in pure Dos; but I can see no reason why they won't be
perfect for use on a Win3.1x system. If you go here:


you can download a 353KB zip (amcab-0.8-bin.zip) which contains, among
others, these utilities:

off.com - powers off a PC. Requires an APM BIOS version 1.02 or later.

video.exe - can be loaded in the first line of config.sys; it will display a
256-colour 320x200 PCX image and disable console (text) output. It will also
re-enable text mode when run a second time.

bootlogo - similar to the above.

These three utilities between them are only 8.5KB unzipped including
documentation, but you'll have to get the whole package :o(

And now for the warning. I haven't tried any of these; I do not even have a
Calmira system at the moment on which to try them. So be careful, and I hope
they work.


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