<CT> DMF tip and help request.

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Hi All!,

Like Richard, I am, and, I have started being entertained (for weeks!)  My
GetRight is working overtime.  I've never seen a website of this type with
so much of what I've been seeking!  A few links are not responding but no
complaints here!!  I did download something that I've been wanting for such
a long time, the first release of Win95, Win95a, in floppy form.  Owning
Windows95 already, I think one is entitled to free upgrades or downgrades

I wasn't sure what to expect, but simply having WinZip made the processing
of the downloaded file much easier.  After clicking the file from Explorer,
it shows its zipped contents in WinZip.  Most of them contains 1 exe file,
where if you clik on it (not extract) it brings up an embedded WinImage
program ready to write to a floppy, a marvelous surprise!  It was not
necessary to use MaxiDisk at all (which I started to do as instructed.)

However, my use of MaxiDisk did not work well during installation.  It
started to read from the disk but then after a dialog box, it could not pick
up where it left off (I think).  This happened to Disk No. 2, which is the
only one of the set that showed the zip contents of the files (2), but not
as a single WinImage executable.  Perhaps the webmaster can fix this
oversight?  My work-around that surprisingly succeeded was to make an
additional DMF floppy; I used the file for Disk no. 3 to make the extra DMF
formatted floppy.  Erase the files of the extra floppy and unzip Disk 2's
download file onto the floppy, and finally change the volume label to
reflect the correct no.  I was dee-lighted! to discover a new way of
creating a true DMF formatted disk (not just an disk with expanded storage)
which I believe works much better and is more reliable than the MaxiDisk
floppy.  (I wonder if the problem is because the volume label did not match
the original?  In any case, because of WinZip and WinImage creating the DMF
disks was too easy.  Hmm., if a drive is able to follow DMF tracks in the
writing process maybe I can begin working with a compressed version of DMF
floppies!!  I wonder if a bootable DMF floppy is possible?  I'll try when I
get home.

All disks installed flawlessly.

I'm so happy that I'll be able to try out Calmira using Win3.1 NT soon, but
I already know Calmira won't be able to handle NT LFNs!  I only wish Calmira
had a NT (long filename) compatibility option.  ((wishwishwish))

I hope you don't mind if I ask for a personal off-topic request:  I'm using
my Omnibook300 heavily these days.  One very hard to find program that would
help override some of the Omnibook300's design limitation is OBMax by the
defunct Ace Technologies.  I understand it is difficult to get and very
cumbersome to install.  It gives the OB300 more conventional RAM, impossible
to get without it as the boot sequence is hard coded, results: ~>600K!  Can
anybody help this frustrated retro seeker?

Also, does anybody else have experience using Calmira with this particular
laptop, the Omnibook 300?  I haven't tried it with the latest Calmira, but
earlier versions always seem to makes Windows freeze-up.  This laptop
features an XIP (execute in place)  condensed version of Win3.1, Excel and
Word permanently installed as part of its ROM boot card. XIP code doesn't
need to load into RAM, and runs very quickly indeed!  Modifiable files like
*.ini and such are pointed to a writeable storage medium.  Does anybody know
it Calmira needs to be modified to work with XIP programs?  Does anyone else
have this problem?


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thanx Bob Groves (you can take the compliment!!) -  Sorry! I mean't Martin
B. Brilliant - for pointing out abandonware (i had never heard of it)..
check that link out! excellent! im going to be entertained for weeks!

Regards all, Richard

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