<CT> Anyone out there?

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Not a lot going on here, huh?

Anyway, I though you might find the following info on tweaking graphics
cards useful:

Here you'll find the home page of MCLK. This tweaking utility works with
many older graphics cards.

S3VBE20 and S3SPDUP are a must when you have a graphics card based on an
S3 chip and a VESA 1.2 BIOS only. They can be found here:
S3VBE20 adds support for VESA BIOS Extensions 2.0 and thus usage of the
linear frame buffer (S3 chips benefit greatly from this), S3SPDUP forces
banked modes into the linear frame buffer if applications don't know
about VBE 2.0 yet. BTW this only affects DOS performance, not Windows

And if anyone should be using a board based on one of the Intel 450 or
440 chipsets, try FastVid 1.1 - it can enable write combining, which can
increase the throughput dramatically - I get up to 77 MB/s with the ELSA
WINNER 2000PRO/X-8 now (it was 18.2 MB/s in banked modes and up to 50
MB/s with the LFB before), and 200 MB/s with the AGP ATI Rage 128.

For VGA/VESA benchmarking, you can use VIDSPEED:

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