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  • From: Eric Wilhelm <ewilhelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 10:26:52 -0600

# The following was supposedly scribed by
# Yorik van Havre
# on Wednesday 12 January 2005 06:42 am:

>even if it's not
>open-source, at least it can open DWG (even version 2004, as they
> are part of that openDWG group), which I find is the big problem
> with linux cad programs.

Yeah.  OpenDWG is great for all of the commercial packages, but 
terrible for any that are open-source.  You are correct that opening 
legacy files is a big problem for linux cad programs, particularly 
open-source ones.  Even qcad is hindered by only being able to open 
dxf files.

One of the things that I am trying to do with the uber-converter 
project is to get a working open-source dwg converter implementation.


With Varicad, there is a bigger problem:  you can't import/export 
dwg's with solid models because the openDWG library doesn't handle 
ACIS data.  I wrote to Spacial asking for the ACIS spec, and they 
kindly told me to go figure-it-out myself.  A great attitude toward 

So, is the problem with Linux cad programs, or is it with all of those 
other programs?

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