[cad-linux] Re: FWD: gCAD3D 3D - CADCAM - software for Linux

  • From: Dan Falck <dfalck@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 20:05:03 -0700


Sorry, I didn't save the results, but will try again.  I volunteered to 
help the author with the translation.  Might be a bit foolish of me, 
since I don't speak German :)


phrostie wrote:
> it ran with no tweaks of any kind on my debian/sarge.
> easiest install i've had in a long time.  played with it a little.
> i have not even looked at the manual/docs, any chance you could post your 
> bablefish results?  how many pages?
> On Friday 27 June 2003 21:13, you wrote:
>>I hope that I don't insert my foot in my mouth too much here, but here
>>The author seems to be concentrating on an application that interests me
>>a lot-  a CAM program(it generates G-code for cnc machinery).  He
>>already has a commercial product called WinAPT that is similar. I have
>>been in contact with the author and he says that he and another
>>programmer are working on wire EDM modules to begin with.  The CAD part
>>of the program is going to be free, with the post processors for CAM
>>being commercial.  The author is German, so a lot of the menu items are
>>in German.  I have been playing with the program with the Bablefish
>>translator handy (cut and paste menu items to convert to English). It
>>seemed to run with no major problems in RH 8.0, although I had to change
>>permissions of some files that were set to root.
>>phrostie wrote:
>>>i have not had time to so much as download it, but the screenshots look
>>>good. does anyone else know anything about it?
>>>the latest version was released yesterday and i found the annoucement on
>>>gCAD3D-0.70.tar.gz (2003-06-25)
>>>gCAD3D    3D - CADCAM - software for Linux
>>>gCAD3D is free software under the GNU-LGPL.
>>>See http://www.opensource.org/licenses/lgpl-license.

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