[cabs103] CABS 103 Lesson 3 Question 6

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:10:16 -0500

Having two sons, my wife and I are concerned about their use of the Internet, 
no matter how closely we supervise them. Obscenity and pornography are readily 
available, whether or not one is intentionally looking for them. This site:
offers a lot of "fixes" to the problem, but admits that none are  foolproof and 
many require adult supervision or monitoring.  Many of the devices (filters, 
passwords, monitors, etc.) work to a point, but the authors admit the best way 
to help children avoid these sites is to teach them responsible use of the 
Internet.  I'm afraid that is like giving each child in this country a loaded 
gun and then trying to teach them to use it only in safe, productive ways.  I 
think that this approach is applicable only in some far off Utopia that doesn't 
exist anywhere that I've visited.  I can't imagine too many curious, pubescent 
boys (and probably girls) who wouldn't be strongly tempted to try these sites 
if given any chance at all.  Instead of putting the onus on parents, teachers, 
etc. to monitor and train the children of today, it seems greater focus should 
be on the purveyors of obscene sites and make them unavailable except to 

Jim Banas
God Bless America
Jim Banas
God Bless America

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