[Bristol-Birds] shorebird, wader habitat management plan agreement for Paddle Creek Pond

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 After nearly two years of careful observations
 and record keeping (as well as habitat photos)
 members of the Bristol Bird Club now have a
 shorebird / wader habitat management plan
 agreement with the owners of Paddle Creek  
 Pond in eastern Sullivan County.

 In the fall of 2009, we enjoyed a banner
 year when the habitat at the pond reached
 optimum conditions and both the White Ibis
 and Glossy Ibis were found there.  We
 want to make sure we restore that habitat
 early this year.

         The photo above was made in 2009 when conditions were excellent.

 Following a meeting with the owner today,
 we have a verbal agreement to begin now
 and expose the mudflats to an optimum
 habitat for shorebirds and waders.  This
 will provide conditions that we did not have
 in the fall of 2009 until very late in the season.

 I will monitor the habitat throughout the
 season and attempt to fluctuate the 
 exposed habitat to get the best possible
 conditions from now thru November

 There will be times when we may see more
 exposed mudflats than anytime in modern 
 observation years.  This will be an attempt
 to juggle the inflow of water to the pond 
 with the natural earth absorption and work
 around the pump-storage capabilities which
 mechanically lift water to the upper ponds.

 They are under separate ownership and
 no longer available to birders because the
 owner has built a home there and his 
 family moved in and now lives on the site.

 Since the plan calls for natural earth
 absorption and reduced inflow, birders
 probably will not see a dramatic exposure
 of habitat in a few days.  But we'll see what
 we can do.

 We hope we will provide some very good
 habitat for more shorebirds and waders
 to utilize as they migrate thru our area
 and also provide neat birding.

 Let's go birding . . . .

 Wallace Coffey
 Bristol, TN

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