[Bristol-Birds] Roan Creek and Musicks poised as lakes drop and shorebirds arrive

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     2010 Observed Midnight Elevations  
     2009 Observed Midnight Elevations 
     Balancing Guide  
     Flood Guide  
     Expected Elevation Range

 This pond at Musicks Campground had significant water when 
 the photo was made on 1 Sep 2009.  Note that the outer banks,
 with its willow, was still pretty much under water.  The pond in the
 foreground, where these egrets danced on 1 Sep last year, is 
 already gone and drying out.

It is of note that both South Holston Lake and
Watauga Lake reached full level with Watauga
hitting stride about the first of May and South
Holston about the first of June.

South Holston and Watauga have each experienced 
about an 8 foot drawdown since the first of June.

The Roan Creek area of Watauga conditions
may be excellent. 

Musicks Campground area of Spring Creek
at South Holston is getting early and good
exposure. There is still a chance a useful 
drawdown is coming. A high body SUV can
possible reach the outer banks by this time.
The outer banks are well out of the water and
a small puddle is now drawing shorebirds at
the upper end.  Egret Island, just north of 
Musicks, is also well out of the water.
We have good habitat.

  It is obvious from the black line on the Douglas
  Lake guide that last year's drawdown was not
  optimum for Rankin Bottom and the levels stayed
  well into the trees and above the normal flood
  line,  Note that the red line for 2010 shows that
  TVA is tracking maybe two feet lower than
  this time last year.  That is good.  

  The Austin Springs area is flooded as Boone
  Lake hovers at full pool.  High water at Austin
  Springs is expected until TVA begins to 
  draw down the impoundment   about the first 
  week of September.  This is pretty standard 
  for Boone Lake.  It wasn't always.

  Let's go birding . . . .

  Wallace Coffey 
  Bristol, TN

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