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Yes, that's one of the things I forgot.  I have also used my Optacon to look at 
circuit diagrams.  The descriptions in books from RFB&D are not all equally 
good.  Some are not good at all; and even the good ones can make mistakes.  I 
can look at a circuit diagram in the small portions that you must do it in with 
the Optacon, but I can put it together to create the whole picture in my mind 
to figure out how the circuit will behave.  I suppose I could do the same thing 
by just relying on descriptions, especially for just a one-loop circuit, say, 
but as things get more complicated, the descriptions get harder to follow, and 
the opportunity for mistakes increases sharply.  I have to admire the people 
who volunteer to do this, though.  It's a lot of work, and I've heard some who 
were really very good.  Maybe I could do this without an Optacon, but it's a 
big help.

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  Yes. You can make use of drawings with the optacon. Drawings are not 
pictures. What I'm referring to are more commonly known as sketches. Or 
outlines. As was previously stated, you can't tell color, but you can follow a 
black on white drawing or a drawing of another color as long as the contrast is 
good, contrast being the difference between the color of the drawing and the 
paper. If you're careful, you can even follow the outline of something that's 
been filled in with colors. I've used it to figure out all kinds of diagrams in 
manuals, including circuit diagrams. And as I think I've said previously, I can 
read music with it. It's a slow process, but it can be done and to me that's a 
lot better than having no options. In fact I know someone else who has one and 
he said if I ever wanted to sell mine to let him know. I told him I wouldn't 
sell them as long as they work. I also know someone who services them at a 
reasonable price. If that interests anyone, contact me off list.


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