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In the blink of an eye, or in our case ear, the way we read changes. One of 
the  ways in which we received information in the 70-s was through Radio 
Services. Although still available to many and still used today, they are 
often forgotten with all the added venues available for reading now.
What was it like to work for a radio reading service? What opportunities 
were available for someone who worked  at one?
Our guest tonight is Gary Kedler, a Texas resident who worked for radio 
reading services there back in the 70's and 80's. Is this an innovation 
whose time
has come and gone? How were they used then and what did they provide?
What are the difficulties for a blind individual with love for radio work in 
his heart making the leap to main stream radio?  Is radio as it is now done
even possible as a career for a visually impaired person today?
Mr. Kedler  will talk about his employment and his love of radio.  How does 
a man deal with not getting a job in a field he loves?
Gary will talk about all this and more tonight. Join us for a show in which 
you will hear about life and how it still can be very good even though not 
dreams are realized. Now read below for how, when and where to hear this 
wonderful show.
To listen to the stream, go to
> , click on the mainstream page and choose your player and connection 
> speed.
You should begin hearing the stream shortly.
The show is streamed each Sunday morning at 1 hour UTC or Saturday evening
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