[bookport] Re: Question from a returning vacationer

  • From: Amy Ruell <aruell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bookport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 08:17:40 -0400

Hi Larry,
Thanks for the quick response. In reading the manual quickly and searching 
for text such as "text string" and "define text" it looks like there is no 
way to input words or character strings directly but text can be defined 
ifit is already present and located in a file. Sorry. Thought there was a 
way to input text directly.
At 07:48 AM 9/10/2004, you wrote:
>Yes it is.
>Check out www.aph.org/tech/bp_doc.htm#EnterTextToFind =20
> >>> aruell@xxxxxxxxxxx Friday, September 10, 2004 7:21:12 AM >>>
>Hello Aph and all,
>                  I have just returned from a  vacation and have a flood =
>bp messages to get through. I am assisting with a bp demo for our =
>group tomorrow and need a speedy answer.
>Is direct search string input currently supported, and, if so, how?
>   If you can point me to a place in the manual or a message on this =
>I would greatly appreciate it, as I have limited time to prepare and =
>to ensure that all of the features of the bp are demonstrated to their=20
>fullest capacity.
>Private replies welcome if this has been beaten to death during my =
>At 07:16 AM 9/10/2004, you wrote:
> >Hi Beth.
> >
> >Can you get us the exact text of that error message?
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >
> > >>> LW105@xxxxxxxxxxx Friday, September 10, 2004 1:21:28 AM >>>
> >Hi list,
> >I tried to install the Sept update, and I get an error message. The =3D
> >message
> >says something about being unable to install because something is in use. =
> >I
> >don't get it.
> >
> >Hugs,
> >Beth

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