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As I suggested, I think the text to speech on the plextalk is something of an 
afterthought.  Although the DAISY formats include text files, the plextalk 
developers seem to have focused on the audio file side.  I do have to say that 
the audio quality is excellent but the navigation is really strange and there 
are very few options for altering things such as the speed of the text to 
speech which I would have considered a basic rewuirement for an accessible 


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I know speech is subjective but I love the voices in the BookSense. 
Can't stand the voices in the stream and Plextalk pocket.

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> Many Thanks Brian.  That device is a new on me.  I would be interested to see 
> how it works out.
> Graham
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> hi.  it is dimond 8 twice.
> I don't know about a better one.  I just baught a book sense yesterday and 
> will let you know.
> this new unit uses the neo speech voices kate and paul that traditionally 
> ship with kurzweil 1000.  Not sure I can get used to them but I will have to 
> try.
> I will report back on what I think of it when I have had a chance to play 
> some.
> Brian.
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> http://www.twitter.com/bmoore123
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> Could somebody remind me, again, of the key combination for reformatting the 
> flash card in the bookcourier?
> I bought one of these plextalk pocket devices a while back and have been 
> trying to bond with it. I know it is primarily a DAISY reader but I am 
> having difficulties getting to love it.  It certainly is not a replacement 
> for the Bookcourier.
> Does anybody know if a better portable speech synthesiser book reader is 
> being developed?
> Graham

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