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  • From: Rinaldo <guelpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 14:11:53 +0000

I am out here reading every email that comes by.
Jacob I see some one is trying to sell a Opticon for 150.00 pounds, just can
not remember who was looking for one.
On 2009-07-02 blindza@xxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
   >Hi there,
   >Horse riding?? The horse been trained like a guide dog??
   >Noticed you mentioned fitness, any idea how I can keep on my
   >treadmill when running and not fall off? The best I can do is a
   >fast walk whilst holding on to one of the handle bars. There must
   >be some gadgets out there to guide you straight on the treadmill....
   >Jacob, any way of adding everyone's introductory mails to the
   >website? I joined about three months ago, and missed all the
   >stories/interests from other mailing list subscribers. It would be
   >nice to know who is listening out there before I joined.
   >Carel Ewald
   >Redfoot Enterprises
   >Cell: +27 83 4634023
   >Fax: +27 86 610 0895
   >E-mail: cewald@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
   >Skype: carel.ewald77
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