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Yes, it is a good thing, and, I already sent her my response etc.

Stay well

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  Boy, am I proud of such a wonderful young Lady!

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    ----- Original Message ----- Dear Listers

    Jana-Marie Fourie is a Grade 10 learner who is doing a school project on 
the subject matter.  She has compiled a survey questionnaire and requires at 
least 20 responses.


    Please assist Jana-Marie by completing and returning the attached 
questionnaire to her directly.


    Your participation will be greatly appreciated by this young enthusiastic 


    Warm regards.






    From: Jana-Marie Fourie [mailto:fouriejm@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
    Sent: 01 August 2012 08:14 PM
    To: Albert Peters
    Subject: RE: Draft of questionnaire


    Dear Albert
    Thank you very much for your suggestions on the questionnaire. When I had a 
look at it I realised it is already 100% as is. For the record I attached the 
final questionnaire for distribution to your E-friends. 
    I am looking forward to receiving their response. Please be so kind and 
complete the questionnaire yourself as well. 
    Kind regards


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