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  • Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 09:49:32 -0400

It would be useful if someone from aplian would discuss the differences between the various replay products clearly delineating the comparative strengths of the various module that would comprise the total replay suite. When is one component better than another, what limitations does one product have that are better met by another, and for a bonus, which have proved to be most accessible and which are still somewhat problematic. I know I started with replay-radio and now have RAV. Now there are a half dozen or so other programs which serve various purposes. Some seem to be specifically designed for video. One question is, can the older products extract and record the audio from a video offering? For another example, AT&T offers a "radio" link which plays music from some service or other (I think webtunes.) Anyway, I'm assuming these have DRMs though don't really know. Could one product or another capture just the sound from this service? In short, I understand that there are products that help in capturing from XM and Sirius. On the other hand, more than one product claims to handle these services. How does the recording and playback differ? None of this is going to affect my immediate listening and recording life. My interest, though, is in having a clearer notion of which products do what best for us. I have read the main aplian pages butt don't feel I have a full grasp of the virtues of each product. Anyone who has bought the whole suite can probably experiment to see which components most fit their needs. Anyone here done that and if so, which components do you use most, which do you not use much or not at all? Ron Denis

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