[blindreplay] Re: replay media catcher and Torrents

  • From: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 03:44:05 -0500

Replay Media Catcher 5 has the ability to use torrents but have not tested this 
nor tried to use a torrent myself. You can setup one by first choosing the 
Internet tab control on the main user interface with your ENTER key then 
pressing alt+i to open the internet menu / toolbar. In the internet nu list 
choose manually download. In the combo box choose torrents and enter the URL 
address. You should be able to set a torrent up with the schedule tab control 
on main user interface and tabbing over to the schedule for a future time 
button and pressing your ENTER key to bring up the schedule setup window. Not 
sure how it is going to work if the torrent requires a user name and password.

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  how does replay media catcher use Torrents
  does this mean that replay media catcher is a Torrent client of some kind?
  Please explain

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