[blindreplay] Re: my use of RR9

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  • Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 18:51:09 -0500

Replay Radio 9 and NVDA 2013.2 still are running on my laptop. The NVDA speech 
is still on and two recordings were successfully recordedd for six straight 
hours. Two 3 hour shows. One show was .mp3 while the other show was 
automatically converted from .flv to .mp3.

Thank you.

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  As of this morning I have gone through and turned all of my rr9 settings
  so that the program does not run.  Because of the extremely poor
  performance I have had with podcasts and the very spotty capturing of
  radio shows I think I am better off right now to just go back to replay 8
  and leave RR9 alone until these problems get better.  I will note however
  that yesterday when RR9 turned off my NVDA I left it on hoping it would
  continue to record and it did finish the program I was recording and did
  record for the whole hour.  However, the number of failures is really
  quite high and until that gets better I have for all intents and purposes
  silenced it for now.  I still like the things that it does easily, but if
  it doesn't record what I need it to record it isn't doing what I bought
  it for.  Anyway, I will keep you posted about further use.  If anybody
  else has problems with it turning off the voice please let me know.  Kurt
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