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  • Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 14:21:36 -0500

Which radio show streams are you having trouble with? Give me the names so I 
can test. Today I am recording for Mr. Granger R. and NVDA 2013.2 is the 
default screen reader. NVDA still is on and working. Speech is still there.

Were the shows added via the Radio Guide or did you manually add them yourself 
via the Add Show button?

If you added the shows via the Radio Guide did you leave the default settings 
as provided by the Radio Guide or did you make changes. Reason they are the 
best settings to get your shows recorded.

If you added a radio station via the radio guide then the settings you should 
only change are,

- start recording time
- date
- the duration in minutes
- Monday thru Sunday checkboxes
- No Conversion Settings and/or Timezone if needed

Did you listen to the audio tutorials I made?

Is the computer or laptop connected via an ethernet cable or are you using a 
wireless connection?
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  As of this morning I have gone through and turned all of my rr9 settings
  so that the program does not run.  Because of the extremely poor
  performance I have had with podcasts and the very spotty capturing of
  radio shows I think I am better off right now to just go back to replay 8
  and leave RR9 alone until these problems get better.  I will note however
  that yesterday when RR9 turned off my NVDA I left it on hoping it would
  continue to record and it did finish the program I was recording and did
  record for the whole hour.  However, the number of failures is really
  quite high and until that gets better I have for all intents and purposes
  silenced it for now.  I still like the things that it does easily, but if
  it doesn't record what I need it to record it isn't doing what I bought
  it for.  Anyway, I will keep you posted about further use.  If anybody
  else has problems with it turning off the voice please let me know.  Kurt
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