[blindreplay] Re: folder structure for replay radio 9

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  • Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 14:02:04 -0500

Hi Life
Thank you. It is the same sort of thing with JAWS. You have to use route JAWS 
to PC cursor to find the folder dropdown. Have you tried the other method? When 
you are in the scheduler and right before the ok button you will hear No 
Conversion Setting. When you hear this No Conversion Setting press your down 
arrow key to find the various conversions. You may have to use spacebar or your 
ENTER key on No Conversion Settings then down arrow. Go down to where it saids, 
Output Folder submenu and see if works for you this way.

RR9 does a fine job when it comes to recordings so for now let's be thankful 
for that.

How is Replay Media Catcher 5 treating you?

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  for those of you who are using window eyes. if you want to try this do the 
  to Organize  the folders  
  1. enter on the program you want to have a folder.2. use your window eyes 
mouse and either go to the bottom right, or bottom left.
  3. then use your number 8 key on the  num pad and go to where it says media 
  4. do a left mouse click and choose new folder.
  make your folder.
  Now when on the media folder item do the left mouse click and choose your 
created folder.
  THat should get the folder right for what you want in folders.

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