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To the blindreplay list and Leslie
I reported this about the folder structures not working about 1 1/2 months ago. 
I sent in a ticket to see if I am doing it wrong or if JAWS is not reading the 
Folders setup option within the scheduler window.

I do understand where you are coming from on this folder structure.

All your recordings and podcasts are showing up in your default folder on the 
hard drive as files with no folders. Like,

You definitely lose the organization of your folders and files.

And you want them in their own dedicated folders like,

WGN folder to have just your WGN files.
WSB folder to have just your WSB files.
Your Podcast do be in its dedicated podcast folder.

Again, I put in a new ticket. Log file to see if it is me with the mistake or 
JAWS is not reading something correctly.

I will not show how this is done as to not confused anyone but there is a way 
to tell Replay Radio 9 to place your recordings in their own dedicated folders.

What happens to me now and previously is the original recording would not go to 
the folder that was assigned but in the root.

Actually, the original recording would not go to the assigned folder while the 
converted file would.

If I do not hear anything in 3 days I will show how to do the assigning of the 
folders for your recordings and podcasts. 
Please provide feedback.

I know this is not the greatest solution but you can create the folders 
manually where your recordings are stored and then cut the files into the 
folders via paste until this issue is fixed.

Your other questions now,
I will have to check again but I don't recall the sync feature within Replay 
Radio 9. 

You are doing something wrong when you say the -1 that you input changes the 
month. The -1 is in the Duration: parameter.

It has nothing to do it with the Date parameter the -1.

Use insert+tab keystroke to re-read the combo boxes you encounter. Use right 
and left arrow keys for the hours and minutes AM / PM configurations. Use up or 
down arrow keys to increase or decrease the hours / minutes / AM or PM. You can 
type in the numbers for the hours / minutes and letter A for AM and P for Pm 
settings. The date is month / day / year. Same steps involved. Only one 
parameter 'value / number' will change so pay attention to what the screen 
reader is saying back to you.

You are correct about the duration parameter pronouncing 1440 value. Just 
delete this value with backspace key or select all the numbers and delete.

I reported this a long time ago.

Use -1 for unlimited recording time.

Which screen reader are you using?

Verify your settings in the Schedule list view.
If you have JAWS simply arrow down to one of your scheduled entry and hold down 
your insert+control key and press number row 1. You will hear the name for your 

Keep holding down insert+control and press numbers row 2 what do you hear? It 
should be last run column.

Press insert+control+ number row 3 - what do you hear?

When you added stations or shows via the radio guide did you by any chance 
manipulate the TZ settings within the scheduler?

You are not supposed to change the TZ setting.

TZ is for Time Zone. The TZ is the actual time zone setting for your station or 
show via geographic location. If your station is WGN the TZ time zone will be 
set by the radio guide to GMT 6 hours USA and Canada.

If you are in California and you changed this time zone to GMT 8 hours Pacific 
USA and Canada you have definitely messed up your show to be recorded. You will 
get a recording.

Replay Radio knows your time as it uses the clock settings that you have set on 
your PC. See what time your computer is 

Replay Radio does activate on its own to record if it is not running.
Has been doing very well with this.

RR9 can handle PCs that go into sleep mode.

Thank you

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  I really preferred the folder structure for replay 8 and preceding where
  each podcast was placed in a separate folder.  I also liked the sync
  folder for copies of every synchronized recording.  It was much easier to
  find the podcasts in their own separate folders.  Is there any way to
  logically reproduce this.  I have read the user guide and found nothing
  about this.  Also, when I put in the minus 1 it just changes the date by
  a month.  I have both programs installed which is a good thing because
  even though the program is supposed to start when replay does it doesn't
  seem to work that way.  I have tried with both minus 1 and duration 1440
  minutes to record all day and all night and neither of these seem to work
  that way.  Any suggestions about this would be welcome.  Kurt 
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