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I noticed that when I first purchased Replay 8 I had a very hard time
filling out the credit card info.  It took a lot of cursor routing, use of
both the tab and arrow keys,  and some just plain guessing and correcting
errors after they occurred to  eventually complete the order form and get a
confirmation.  I was using JAWS 7.1, but tried Window-Eyes with no
improvement in the process.

Perhaps the entire order form will be easier now that it has been examined
and tags have been fixed.  

Thanks to Bill for his continuing willingness to work with blind clients.  


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For all of you to know. I have known Bill for 3 years now. He's the CEO of
Applian. He has listened to me in making his applications more accessible. I
have not tested it but Hank or someone can for me.

Below is my email message to Bill. I sent it to him yesterday afternoon and
he fixed the PayPal payment for you.

Hi Petro -
Thanks for the tip. I think I found and fixed the place in the order form(s)
where the images didn't have Alt tags, including the "PayPal"
If you like, you can try to place an upgrade order and make sure the pages
are done properly.  Just use one of your existing registration codes to
start.  However, it should work OK for blind users now.
Bill Dettering
Applian Technologies Inc.

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