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Thanks, Petro.  I'll try this next time.  

I figured the process to be similar to that of recording on a vcr.  I guess
I never knew a warning message would appear on the vcr.  I'd just press the
timer button when I wanted to end a recording.  <smile>  This is all the
more reason I was impressed with the ability of the player to protect
against a prematurely-aborted recording.  

I am really enjoying this program and am sure I'll be able to record at
least most of the programs I want.  It's those embedded streams which may be
a problem, but I'll sure try.  



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Think of the schedule feature like the VCR's timer. Since RAV 8 had not
finished its scheduled "timer" recording and you tried to close RAV 8 you
got a message warning you that RAV 8 was still recording. Choose NO in the
warning message to keep RAV 8 to continue recording for you.

You will be on RAV 8's main interface again. You know where you hear
minimize, record, exit buttons. On this interface you will also have a list
box. In this list box you see your shows and stations listed.

To manually stop a scheduled - timer recording that is already in progress:

1. In the list box find the show or station you want to stop recording for

2. You will hear capturing or recording depending what recording method you

3. Press your applications key.

4. Choose "stop recording/downloading option.

5. You will get a warning message dialog.

6. Choose the choice you want. Read the dialog box carefully.

Within RAV 8 there's a way to go and view your recordings but I use old way
by going to drive letter, Program Files, Replay AV 8 and so on.

If you have the default folder "recordings' as your output folder - this is
where your recordings go into.
You can create a shortcut of this folder to your desktop.


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