[blindreplay] Re: Handling Output Files When The Conversion Dosn't Go Smoothly

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Mike and Petro,

It looks as you have answered my questions quite nicely.  I replied before 
checking the entire thread.

Actually, the reason for falling so far behind in my mail was the very 
sudden death of our fifteen-year-old cat.  It was very traumatic for its 
suddenness, and the fact she had belonged to my best friend who passed away 
suddenly herself over two years ago.  .  My mind still isn't back to normal 
I guess.


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Hi Mike
The reason I didn't mention the other players is I didn't know
if she had those players and all PCs come with Windows Media
Player unless one lives in Europe.

I also said to her where she was planning to listen to those
.asf files on the computer or on a portable player so I said if
on a portable player she must convert the .asf files unless her
player supports the .wma files.

--- Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Petro
> .asf files can also be played in RealPlayer and Winamp without
> difficulty.
> The only time I find it necessary to convert to .mp3 is when I
> wish to
> play them on something like the Victor Stream or the BookPort.
> Otherwise, .asf, which is more or less the RAV default format
> with all
> other things being equal, works fine>

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