[blindreplay] Re: Handling Output Files When The Conversion Dosn't Go Smoothly

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This particular streaming radio station generates .asf files.  That's what's 
so crazy about the thing.  I believe I will uncheck the box to create .m3u 
files, though there are some .mp3's that play just fine and I just ignore 
the .m3u's listed with those before I delete both after hearing the show.
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Hi Pam, I am wondering if something in Replay Av got checked to make M3U 
these are for MP3 playlists that have links to a file in them for a player 
Winamp.  if the files would be for windows media player they would be wax or 
or even wmv. it sounds as though you are attempting to record podcasts. most 
the streams aare real audio or windows media 9 type, 22 to 35 kbps. I can't 
of a reason you would be getting an M3u file.

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Subject: [blindreplay] Handling Output Files When The Conversion Dosn't Go

> Recently I have come across some entries in the Replay Recordings folder
> where I can find no .asf or .mp3 files, but only .m3u and .cab files.  I
> trued opening a .m3u file to look for the recoding itself, but could not
> find a way to do it.  I suppose I should have coped it to Notepad,but 
> didn't
> do it.  I did find a number of .cab files and am not sure how to handle
> these.  Of course this begs the question of why the recordings and
> conversions didn't complete correctly.  This drive is getting rather full
> and I have deleted a number of old broadcasts and try to remember to 
> delete
> each as soon as I'm finished with it; but it is not a dedicated drive and
> shares space with many other files.  I'm wondering if the scarcity of 
> space,
> only a couple of gigs or so, has anything to do with the problems I'm
> having.  The problem largely seems to affect recordings from a certain 
> site
> which streams with Media Player; though I have seen some .mp3's there.
> Should I try converting to .mp3 after recording has been completed?  I'd
> like to maintain the ability to listen in Media Player, but for the most
> part these are not to be kept permanently so MP3 would be an option over 
> not
> having the recording at all.
> Any help would be appreciated, including strategies on working with the
> output files that have been created.
> Thanks in advance.
> Pam

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