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Leslie, thanks for your message to the list. I'm glad a replacement product is being worked on as I've found Replay really useful for grabbing internet streams and for recording materials through my line-in. Of course that's just a poor way of volunteering to be one of the testers.

On 22/05/2012 07:08, Leslie Bee wrote:
Hey All -
Hope all of you are well.
Sorry I am just weighing in - I am traveling and have spotty internet at
the moment.
Here are some answers for you.

1.) The only free product we have is Freecorder - which is a toolbar.
Freecorder does include a simple audio recorder that can record any
audio you stream including radio stations - but it doesn't tag or
schedule - it's just very simple.

2.) Replay AV was discontinued - temporarily - because it was having
some technical problems and we felt it was better to pull it from the
suite until we could get a new program developed. We have a new program
in the works and from what I have seen it is going to be great. It is in
the early stages of being tested. Once I have more information on that I
can let you know. I think it would be great if a few members of this
forum tested it out to make sure that it worked well for you.

Please let me know if I can answer anything else.
Take care and thanks.

On May 22, 2012, at 5:20 AM, Hap Holly wrote:

I don'tg recall the suite being free anyway nor was AV.

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    R eplay is in a suite of programs which is no longer free. Bob

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        Pardon me for asking a question that may have been answered
        the past six days I was at the Dayton hamvention, why is
        Replay being discontinued as an alacart product?

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            Well, it turns out that unless you buy Replay Capture
            Suite, you can’t actually get Replay A/V any more.It is
            available to former purchasers.The new version is coming
            in the next few months.
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            So Dean,
            And of course it was your newsletter I saw the show
            listing in.
            The listing for the Monday show says the Author will be
            featured. It also says the program is free but, the free
            version isn't listed on Applian's site.
            For those folks who might be interested, where can the
            free version of Replay AV be had?


            On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 3:46 PM, Dean Martineau
            <dean92@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:dean92@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
            It’s accurate; the new product will go into gtesting soon.
            We’re featuring Replay a/v on Tek Talk Monday evening
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            This was in a tech newslettter I recently recieved.
            I then went to the Applian site which said Replay AV was
            no longer available and would be replaced by a new product
            Anyone have info on this?


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            2) This author will appear on Tek Talk, explaining the use
            of Replay A/V, a now-free windows program to record
            virtually any streaming radio station. The program airs on
            GMT Tuesday, 22 May at 00:00.


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