[blindreplay] Re: Blind Bargains Access Awards Nominations

  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Leslie Bee <leslie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 05:00:57 -0500 (EST)

Consider this done.

As for suggestions to improve an already topnotch product in Replay AV, 
here are two:

(1)  Include an ability to either freeze the list of urls in the urlfinder 
or copy the entire list of them to the clipboard.
Currently, this list seems to refresh every 3-5 seconds sometimes making 
it challenging to find the right url quickly if the list is long.
Either freezing the list or somehow copying the entire list to the 
clipboard or an external file would allow one, at leisure, to examine the 
entire list.

(2)  This one falls sort of into the bug category.  Normally, I live in 
the Central time zone (illinois).  We are spending JJan and Feb 
in Florida which is Eastern.  RAV successfully adjusted itself when I 
changed the pc system clock to Eastern time for all recording times with 
one exception:
I had a recording scheduled to begin at 11:15 pm on Wednesday evenings.  
It correctly changed the time to 12:15 AM (an hour later as is the case 
for Eastern) but should have also changed the date to Thursday.
Hence, until I noticed the error, rather than the recording beginning when 
it should at 12:15 am Thu morning, it began it 23 hours early at 12:15 AM 
So the algorithm that notes switching of the system clock needs to include 
something to make certain that the day of week is handled properly when 
midnight comes into play.

And, while I was writing this, a 3rd enhancement crossed my mind: 

(3)  There seems no way to back up my RAV settings.  I routinely copy my 
schedule8.dat file listing stations, programs, and recording times; and I 
would also like to be able to save my program settings 
such as those regarding file naming format, where recordings are stored,  
etc.  If this file already exists, just tell me which one it is and I'll 
be saving it from here on.
Regardless, perhaps there ought to be an item on the tools menu allowing 
non-techie users to easily export/import their schedule8.dat files as well 
as program settings.

Applian may be a small company; but you have a big first rate product in 
RAV which seems to be getting better 
and better as time marches on.
Just keep up the great work giving customers a firstrate suite of 


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