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Hi Jim!

Thanks so much for the excellent description of the R-09! It looks like a slight step backwards in accessibility with the integrated control complex and the use of buttons rather than switches and wheels for functions like power, recording level and output volume. Still, as long as the user interface doesn't have wrapping menus and most functions can be performed without menus, we're still OK I suppose. I don't see any mention of a separate record button. If this means use of the menus is required in order to perform this most critical function, then it is a total showstopper!

Thanks lots for your assistance.

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Darrell Shandrow wrote:

Hi Jim and all,

Could someone provide us with a further description of the R-09 or info on
how we might find it? I'm specifically concerned about its controls and
simple user interface which make the R-1 so accessible for blind and
visually impaired users.

For Darrell and Patrick, I'll describe what's in the Image Gallery for the R-09 on

* Front face of the unit, top to bottom: Two microphones are on either side
at the top corners. The display is in the top half of the unit, about seven
lines long with thick white type reversed out of black. The left/right level
meters take up 3 lines of the display, and there is a 6 digit time counter
with letters 2 lines tall. In the middle of the unit is what looks like an
LED light labeled "Peak." Below that are three individual buttons labeled
"Menu," "Reverb" and "Repeat AB." Below that, in the bottom half of the
front face, is a rectangular control matrix that's kind of similar to that
of some non-iPod mp3 players: a big "Rec" button in the middle, Play/Pause
at 12 o'clock, Stop at six o'clock, and RW/FF at 9 and 3 o'clock,

* Top face: The mic and line-in jacks ar on the top of the unit, between the
left and right microphones.

* Back face: In the top 1/3 of the back are 4 switches in 2 rows and 2
columns. These are thumb sliders which slide back and forth to rest in one
of two positions. They are: AGC (off-on), Mic Type (Mono-Stereo), Low Cut
(off-on) and Mic Gain (low-high).

* One side face: Power button, two buttons for plus/minus Input Level, and a
covered DC in jack.

* The other side face: Headphone jack that's also labeled "(Optical)", two
buttons for plus/minus Volume, and a Hold switch.

* Bottom face: Shown with an open door that covers most of the bottom panel.
I can make out two tubes for the batteries, a USB jack, and I assume the
slot for the SD card.

Hope this helps!

Jim Banks

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