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Oh please go ahead and post.  I would love the list.

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I work for disney as a trainer and also as a reservation agent 
booking the three Disneyland resort hotels.
I discovered that there are close to 30 podcasts about disney. Some 
are from the company and others are from fans. They all concentrate 
on different issues. Some are the latest Disney news from either 
Florida or here at disneyland. Some are  more oriented to audio or 
video from the parks so you could for example hear or see various 
attractions from Disneyland or Disney World.
If anybody is interested, write me privately and I'll send you a list 
of all the Disney podcasts which I have compiled.
I sent it to all the podcasters and they were surprised to see all 
the various disney podcasts that are being done.
At 05:21 PM 1/21/2006, Shane Davidson wrote:
>The address for the bloggy bits cast is: 
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>I am subscribed to the Mosen Explosion podcast and I was wondering if 
>his other stuff is on an RSS Feed. I have seen him post stuff on LJ and 
>I've always wished I could get at it via RSS!

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