Making WildVoice Studio Accessible

  • From: Mike Murphy <freelists@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 13:33:54 -0400

Hi, this is Mike Murphy from Equicast Media, the makers of WildVoice Studio. 
I just wanted to respond with some info for Orin's question.

Right now, WildVoice Studio does not have the keyboard shortcuts, mnemonics, and other features necessary to make it accessible (we just didn?t have time to rationalize all of these details before our initial beta launch), but we are absolutely planning to make these improvements as soon as we can and certainly before the software is out of beta.
FYI, one of our members also posted a question about this on our forums at this URL:
Specifically, we plan to add shortcut keys for common tasks, a more robust main menu that exposes as many functions as possible to keyboard input, keyboard mnemonics on all items in the main menu and context menus, better tooltips, and better tabbing between controls and parts of the application window.  We hope that these changes will make WildVoice Studio accessible, but once we add them, we?d love for anyone who tries it out to give us their feedback on what else we can improve.
 We don?t know exactly when these improvements will be done, but they?re high on our list for Studio, and we?ll certainly announce it in our newsletter when we make these changes.  You can access our newsletter at this URL if you'd like:    Or, you can join at (it?s free to join) to receive the newsletter by e-mail.
In the meantime, I'll hang out on this list, so if you think that anything important is missing from the list of improvements mentioned above, just post here and we'll do our best to take everything into account as we improve the software.  I'll also stick around after we make those improvements, so that you can beat up on me if they're not good enough.  :)


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