Linerec and what to do with it

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Hello List! 

I am using Winamp 35 Pro and the Sam Winamp encoder (older version) and have an 
internet stream station that is on from time to time.  I can play music
fine, but I want to do some talking too.  I hear that some ACB Radio people use 
the Linerec Plug-in to talk.  I recently downloaded that plug-in and installed
it into the Winamp Plug-ins folder; then I fired up my station and tried to do 
a little talking after playing a song or two, but nothing happened and it
asked me for a URL; I thought I was supposed to be able to talk and it would be 
recorded through the Sam Winamp Encoder just like the music.  Could someone
tell me what is suppose to happen when I invoke the Linerec plug-in.  Am I 
suppose to have that dll line in my playlist before this happens.  I just fired
up the server, invoked the play folder, clicked on ok and music played.  I saw 
something about putting a dll line in the playlist.  Should I have done
this with an m3u folder or something?  I just play from my mp23 folders on my 
system.  Should I be using the winamp play list or create an mp3 folder? 
Help is needed and appreciated. 

Once I get this figured out, please tell me how to talk; go through the steps 
from starting winamp and the encoder to playing songs and talking.  that would
do the trick for me.  

Again, thanks. 

James Robinson

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