Podcast 27, an interview with Renaissance Unity Minister, Greg Barrette, and more...

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 20:58:12 -0400

        Hi Everyone,

First, I want to sincerely thank you for your emails letting me know you're
listening and enjoying.  It means a lot!

I know, it's incredible!  I don't get a podcast up for awhile, and then, two
in a row!

If you want to hear some soul deep talk that reaches beyond the boundaries
of organized religion and embraces personal growth, inviting us to step into
change beyond our wildest thoughts...  If you want to learn of a place where
you can go to church online or in person...  Hey, it's often where I go!
Check out this podcast where I spent a great time with Renaissance Unity
minister Greg Barrette, affectionately known as "my brother!" 
I've known of Greg for many years!  He has such a great reputation!
Finally, I got up the nerve and really reached out!  I'm so glad I did.  I
bet you will be too!  We actually spoke for a lot longer than what's here,
getting  acquainted, finding out more of the people, places and experiences
we have in common!  It was fun!

And, before this podcast ends, an adorable little <ahem> new man in my life
decides to say hello!  Now I'm sure you don't want to miss hearing this
cutie pie's sweet voice!  I must apologize though.  He moved his head around
so much I had to move the microphone to keep up with him.  Even my new,
young little man is already such a fast mover! <grin>

And of course, more of that great music of Andre Louis!!!  I absolutely must
get him on a podcast!  And I want his music playing in my house!!!
Thank you sooooo much Andre for your fabulous works!  The muse is so
definitely with you!!!
Note: a couple of people have told me they can't open the podcast.  I'm
thinking that maybe hitting your context key and arrowing down to "save
target as" might do the trick.  Just a guess.
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Oh good grief!  Don't ask me to count!  I think this is 27! lol

Enjoy!!!  And, as I always say at the end of my podcasts, "Keep all of that
love in your heart alive!"

All the best!
Debbie Hazelton: 
Helping People Feel Better, one person at a time Check out my podcast and

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