It's Podcast Five!!!

  • From: "Debbie Hazelton" <healinghands4u@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 21:57:35 -0500

I'm ahead in my interviews, behind in my Podcasts!  In this show, we have
another interview with licensed nutritionist Janet Cimorelli.  She
enthusiastically discusses new information about the benefits of Cumin, that
interesting seasoning in many foods, and its benefits to our health.  We
talk about other foods, and just a potpourri of ideas about health.

I share a bit more information on what some are dealing with in more
hurricane after math, dreadful circumstances!  I found some really cool Pod
safe music!  We've got mail from listeners!!!  And I put together a first
Podcast commercial.

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Many Blessings!
And Happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie Hazelton
Hooked on Podcasting! 

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