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  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 22:23:20 -0600

Go to the element you want to grab. Then hit control insert numpad slash. Then get the jaws cursor on the place to drop and repeat the same keystroke. I never had much luck with it. If you're trying to ftp, you can open a my computer window and copy the file by being on it and hitting control c, and alt-tabbing to the explorer window with the ftp session in it, tab to the listbox, and hit control v to paste the file in.

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Hey i got a question.
My charter communications cable internet account allows me to have my own webspace.
What i'm wondering is, How the heck do i drag and drop with jaws 4.2, as that's the only version i'm lisenced for.
I was wondering if someone could help me here so i can create a much better sounding podcast.
Thanks alot in advanced.
Jerry Mader
Owner of the blind forem and the Jerry Mader Cast.
point your pod catcher to this address
Don't have a pod catcher you can download one at
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Subject: Re: Feedburner vs Wordpress

I say dump it. If they ever went out of business, you'd have to republish everything in the directories. If you run it on your site, you don't have to worry about stuff like that.

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Subject: Feedburner vs Wordpress

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I'm curious about something.  Since I switched my blog stuff over to
Wordpress, I now have a full RSS 2.0 feed including audio enclosures
available directly from my local site.  But I've been using feedburner
from before and it is still compatible with my new RSS feed.  My
question is, how bout if I dump feedburner and just publish my RSS feed
directly? I haven't joined any directories yet and plan to after making
this decision.  After tweaking things in Wordpress, I noticed the
addresses to my RSS feeds (blog and comments) became quite simple
actually; they started out more complex but some how defaulted down to
something pretty easy to give out.  So, what you-all think? should I
keep feedburner or go ahead and dump it and just go with my local RSS

Thanks for ideas and any answers you might come up with.

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