RE: Google petition to be discussed on the Mike Tech show soon

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Daryl and Chris, the Url yu gave chris for Mike's show is not valid and
is not displaying any links, any idea!

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Hi Chris,

This is excellent news!  I am also a subscriber to Mike Tech Show.
for writing him about this.  I do urge all of us to spread the word as
and wide as possible.  I have submitted it to Cnet and Slashdot
Let's all keep up the great work!

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> Hi folks
> I listen to the Mike Tech show pretty often, this is a guy who talks 
> about
> and recommends products and solutions for technology freaks like me.
> few months ago, I asked him for a Gmail account and he gave me one,
but of 
> course we all know what happened when I ran into the visual
> thing, so I wrote to him and expressed my frustration, but thanked him
> the account.
> Now that we have the petition and we're over 1600 signatures strong, I

> figured we should get the word out even more. So last night I e-mailed
> and gave him a link to the petition and gave him Darrel's contact
info, in 
> case he wanted to find out more about it.  So this is my little atempt
> get the petition out there, into the sighted community as well.  I'm
> lots of blind folks know about this already, it's in a lot of popular 
> places.  But to me this petition can't get enough signatures, so it's 
> important to get it out wherever possible.
> I'll be sure to let you know when Mike's next Podcast is out and
> he'll give it a mention.
> You can listen and subscribe at

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