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  • From: "Stephen Guerra" <stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 14:19:18 -0500

Good afternoon to all--
the Guerra Podcast has been fixed so that when you subscribe to my feed,
you will receive all six of my shows in their entirety.
I also am starting a new PodCast called the "BeepBall PodCast!"
The BeepBall Podcast is all about the sport of BeepBall, which is played
by those who are totally Blind or partially sighted.
Teams from all over the U.S> and Taiwan come together each year for a
tournament to determine the World Champs.
The BeepBall PodCast will be a series of interviews and discussions
regarding BeepBall and all that their is to know about the sport.
You can subscribe to both the Guerra and BeepBall PodCast at:
or via ITunes at:
for a promo of the BeepBall PodCast, visit:
Enjoy and happy PodCasting
Stephen Guerra
E-Mail: podcast@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Voice/Comment Line: (206) 202-2541

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