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  • Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 01:26:46 +0100

Steve, I really agree with your approach to this, and would say a short letter to Google congratulating them on behalf of all those who supported the petition would be a good idea. We definitely need to be critical sometimes of the way corporations behave, but at the same time when they get it right, it is surely worth supporting good behaviour as well as drawing attention to the bad.

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Boy, if that petition is sent now, some language mods would surely be in
order.  Nothing like the cart before the horse:).

Perhaps some language explaining the past situations but recognizing
that the latest changes are welcomed but we want a voice in future
designs and maybe some way to narrow down the focus on current
outstanding accessibility issues.  I'm willing to bet that everyone who
has signed this petition would implicitly agree with a big "Thank you"
being added to the changes made thus far.  Maybe this could be a way to
bring to Google's attention that thousands of blind people wish to use
their services.

I know that Google tends to be secretive with their future designs and
planning but we need timely input.  Hiring programmers focusing
specifically on accessibility issues is an excellent way to start.  I
rambled around here on this one but I would hate to see the petition go
to waste but it can't be sent to them now in its present state; that
would imply that nobody acknoledges the latest changes made.  It could
cary two messages: "Thaks, keep up the good work, but we need more:)".

On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 07:36:45AM -0700, Darrell Shandrow wrote:
Hi Steve,

The petition has actually not yet been turned in to Google. It hasn't yet
been closed, either. It remains open for new signers. I do need to make
some decisions very soon. Should I go ahead with sending it to Google in
some form? Should I just close the petition and be done with it? Should I
keep it open for any reason?

I'll appreciate any input on this.


Darrell Shandrow - Shandrow Communications!
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Subject: Re: Google now has audio captcha

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>Tell me, Was this petition already turned into Google or did this happen
>before it could be unleashed? Just curious. I never heard if/when it
>was passed on to Google to show our strength.
>Yes, I agree about getting the deaf - blind included but then again, I
>hope some public appreciation can be expressed for this first big mile
>stone. I can easily see where granting access to one population segment
>leads to an ice berg effect. As we keep chipping off more ice, more
>other groups or segments can be exposed seemingly with no end in sight.
>Like with this word verification thing; the best cure for all would be
>to do away with it entirely. Well since so many people like this fad,
>we're kinda stuck with it so this audio deal is a good start. I was
>thinking deaf/blind folks could use a braille display but I can see
>already that that wouldn't work for the same reason our screen readers
>can't rendor the CAPTCHA either <sigh>.
>On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 06:34:28PM -0700, Darrell Shandrow wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Thanks, everyone, for all the great positive sentiment, but, really, I
>>didn't do much other than cause a bunch of trouble with that annoying
>>Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition and other things... >>:-)
>>If something I did made some sort of difference to improve >>accessibility,
>>well, maybe it was worth it then. Thanks to Jeff, Shane, Susan, Tari,
>>Jamal and many others for all their grassroots hard work in supporting >>a
>>positive accessibility outcome. There's still quite a distance to
>>travel, so we can't sit on our laurels... :-)
>>Darrell Shandrow - Shandrow Communications!
>>Technology consultant/instructor, network/systems administrator!
>>A+, CSSA, Network+!
>>Visit and sign the Google Word
>>Verification Accessibility Petition today!
>>Information should be accessible to us without need of translation by
>>another person.
>>Blind Access Journal blog and podcast: >>
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>> Well I want to thank Darrel for his work in getting this underway.
>>Maybe if we keep at it, then others will follow! We can't afford to >>rest
>>until others get in line to make word verification accessible!
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>> Subject: Re: Google now has audio captcha
>> This is tremendous news! I just tried it, and will be putting a >> short
>>segment into my next podcast.
>> As part of the segment, I went to a Blogger blog whose owner uses
>>word verification to prevent comment spam. Unfortunately, Blogger does
>>not appear to have implemented an audio verification option. Does >>anyone
>>know if this addition is planned?
>> -shelly
>> On 4/11/06, Shane Jackson <jack728@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> You got it, Jeff. Hats off to Darrell; big time!!! This is
>>totally cool!!!
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